Gamers Nexus proves Dell still doesn’t know how to build a good AMD system

Steve at Gamers Nexus has done a deep dive tearing down and testing the Alienware R10 Ryzen PC. His review, complete with well-placed beeps, sadly confirms that Dell still only knows how to make lousy AMD-based systems. It is almost as if they’re still on Intel’s payroll to keep AMD systems out of their main lineup.

This all the more disappointing because their recent G15 Ryzen Edition Gaming Laptop, while not perfect, was a surprisingly good offering, giving the impression that Dell was finally giving AMD a fair shake and offering medium-premium AMD-based designs. However, that conclusion appears to have been premature as the R10 was several steps backwards, ranging from poor and shoddy construction (the hinged motherboard chassis already started falling out of alignment as soon as the case was opened), misleading labeling (the packaging gives the impression of watercooling, but there is none), and extremely poor case design and airflow.

This despite having a very premium price of $1,800 which is a multiple of the price of the components that are included.

Watch GN’s video for all the gory details. Thanks Steve.

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