The idea for AMDNow! started long before the site existed. As a fan of AMD, I always struggled to find a good source of news for the company and their products. While it is true many sites exist that cover computing and/or technology in general, few feature many positive and/or accurate stories relating to AMD or their products. I realized that if I were to put in the effort to catalog and aggregate the sites and videos I was already viewing, perhaps others could benefit and get the information more easily.

Why AMD?

AMD, as a company, has traditionally operated in the shadows of Intel, informally known as “Chipzilla”. Through various devious and sometimes illegal means, Intel has secured their lead in the PC industry for decades. Meanwhile, AMD has stalwartly continued on, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. Despite all of these setbacks, AMD has continued as a company to provide an alternative.

By no means is AMD a company without flaw, and it is my hope that we will always be fair, truthful, and independent when reporting news. As sincere supporters of the company, we know that honest reporting is the only way to keep the company true to its roots. We will report on both the positives and the negatives, the good and the bad, but always with a focus on sincerity and accuracy in reporting to the best of our ability.