Valve Steam Deck console spec updates hint at greater-than-expected performance

Several outlets are reporting the happy news that the Steam Deck may be more powerful than initially announced. Valve has updated the specs to correct what were the initially good, but not great, memory specs. Originally announced as supporting dual-channel LPDDR5 memory, the Steam Deck will, in fact, sport quad-channel memory. This bodes well as, given it’s powered only by an APU, the system features a single batch of memory shared by the CPU as well as the graphics component, unliked discrete graphics adapters which have their own, usually much faster, dedicated memory. It has been demonstrated time-and-again that high memory speed, bandwidth, and latency are all key aspects that can make or break APU performance.

Here’s to hoping that the design AMD has used for the Steam Deck may open the gate toward greater memory configurations for desktop and laptop APU configurations in the future.

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